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  • Submit your story below for consideration of narration for Horror Bro.
  • I’m looking for great short stories that range from 10 to 30 minutes in length.
  • All content submitted must be yours and not licensed, owned, or controlled through any other entity.
  • Your content is yours to do with as you please. I make no rights or claims to your creation beyond that through your submission, you are granting Horror Bro the right to narrate the story and publish through any means electronic or other without compensation.
  • I’m looking for unique content with a specific focus on homo-erotic horror. It can range from the subtle psychological and philosophical to outright carnage.
  • Please note, yes, I’m looking for great homo-erotic horror, but this has to be well-balanced content due to censorship through media channels Horror Bro will be using. Keep your stories arousing, exciting, sexy, and edgy, but explicit pornographic details may have to be edited. If I determine content might be too graphic, I will contact you, the author, to explore content adjustments. Remember, your imagination is the most erotic quality you will ever own.
  • Submission does not guarantee it will be narrated.
  • We will not share any content submitted with other parties without your consent.
  • I do ask for your name so I can contact you, but you also have the option to provide a name, nickname, or screen name you want me to use to give credit to if your story is narrated.

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